Thank you from the Director of The Bluest Eye

December 18 2015 | News


After months of work from actors, designers and staff, the Le Petit Theatre production of THE BLUEST EYE will celebrate its final curtain on Sunday evening.  This production has now become a permanent fixture in my heart, and I will forever be grateful to everyone who I've had the privilege to work with on this show, and to everyone who joined our audience and trusted us with their valuable time.  


Having an opportunity to speak with audience members after they walk out of the theatre has been one of the greatest joys throughout this process.  To witness the power of theatre truly moving and inspiring individuals is why we do what we do.


To the cast, you all have changed me for the better. Through working with each of you, I have learned so much as a director.  Your passion and energy has lifted this project to a level that was beyond my imagination, and you have made this one of my favorite projects to date.  I am so excited to see what you all do next.


To the creative team, your love for this craft has been truly inspiring.  Each of you has contributed so much to the beauty of this production, and for that I thank you.  A special thanks to my friend and costume designer Julie Winn, with whom I've collaborated on 3 productions.  Bill Walker, your set has been talked about by everyone who has come through our theatre over the past month.  I am so glad to have worked with someone who understands how to create true magic and beauty that enhanced the play.  Kevin O'Donnell, our sound designer, helped bring my vision to a stunning and moving reality.  I am grateful to all of you, Katie Cotaya, Brad Peterson, Rocharlotte Raphael, Lauren Turner, Alex Wallace, Shannon Kinsella, Savion Eagleton, Colleen Ryan and Mark Leeper.


India McDougle and La're'al Murphy, my stage managers, thank you for trusting me on this journey and for being my right and left hand over the past two months. Your loyalty and dedication made this production a success, and I am forever grateful that you ladies kept a careful watch over this production from the beginning. 


This experience remains a powerful one for me and I hope that it stays in the hearts of everyone who has had a chance to see it.  It is an important piece of theatre, and I am so glad that we (Le Petit Theatre) decided to expose this story to our community.  If you have not yet seen the show, take a chance on us and see the production this weekend.  We have shows tonight through Sunday.  If you are looking for one last theatrical experience for 2015, let this be the one.  Thanks again to everyone and have a blessed and happy holiday season!


Clayton Shelvin, Associate Producer/Education Director
Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carré
616 St. Peter Street | New Orleans, LA 70116

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