Elyse McDaniel

January 19 2015 | News

Elyse McDaniel (Mary Magdalene) 


Elyse McDaniel is thrilled to be making her debut on the Le Petit stage! Born and raised in New Orleans, she is a Pre-K 2 assistant teacher by day and an actress by night. She has been seen in various shows over the past few years; most recently she was seen in Musical of the Living Dead (Trudy) at The Shadowbox Theatre, and Reefer Madness (Sally) at Mid City Theatre. Other favorite roles include Gypsy (Louise) at Rivertown Theatre, Spring Awakening (Thea) with Theatre 13, and Batboy: The Musical (Meredith) at Delgado. Elyse graduated from UNO in 2013 with a BFA in performing arts and gives all the thanks in the world to Augustin for this amazing opportunity, and to her family and friends for all of their continued love and support! 

LPT: What is it about the show that led you to audition?
EM: The fact that the show is basically one super-long song. Singing, closely followed by acting, is
my favorite thing to do in this world, so having the chance to get to sing and act my heart out for
two-ish hours is pretty much as good as it gets for me!

LPT: Tell us a little about your character.
EM: People tend to have their preconceived notions about who Mary Magdalene is and what her
relationship with Jesus is. For me, Mary is a girl who completely and whole-heartedly believes in
Jesus and his message 100%. She's good-hearted, thoughtful, understanding and strong. And
she's totally Jesus' BFF. The two of them have a special and unconditional, groovy kind of love.

LPT: What is the most exciting part about being in a show at Le Petit?
EM: Getting to perform on such an incredibly historic stage. It's something that I've dreamed about
for a long time, so having this opportunity is just amazing. I am so incredibly thankful and lucky.

LPT: How will you celebrate opening night?
EM: With the rest of this beautiful and talented cast that I love so very much! And dranks.

LPT: What is your New Year's resolution?
EM: Hug more kittens, eat more pizza, spread more joy.

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