You Don't Know the Half of It July 16, 2017


What happens when scenes written by local writers and memorized by local actors are completed live on a stage with the help of local improvisers (and You Don't Know the Band)?

What happens, well... you don't know the half of it!

You Don't Know the Half of It will spend the year at Le Petit!


The Writers:

  • Lucy Faust
  • David James Hamilton
  • Kayln Hepting
  • Bradley Warshauer

The Actors:

  • Khiry Armstead
  • Leslie Castay
  • Todd D'Amour
  • Anna Toujas

The Improvisers:

  • Jon Butts
  • Ian Hoch
  • Lauren Malara
  • Mike Spara

And You Don't Know the Band!

  • Andre Bohren
  • Casey Coleman
  • Aurora Nealand
  • Amanda Wurstlin