You Don't Know the Half of It Monday, June 18 at 7:30 PM

What happens when writers provide the script, actors come ready to act, and improvisers make up whatever they want? It's New Orleans' own half-improvised, half-scripted comedy sensation: You Don't Know the Half of It.

This is the SIX year anniversary show and we're going to roll out the red carpet again at Le Petit Theatre. You Don't Know the Band is whipping up a set of their trademark tunes, and you just might go home with some sweet swag. Six years on, and we still don't know the half of it! 

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The Actors:

  • Darci Fulcher
  • Keyara Milliner
  • Michael Scott
  • James Yeargain

The Improvisers:

  • Jon Butts
  • Mary Ethelwyn Guiteras
  • Ian Hoch
  • Chris Kaminstein
  • Lynae Leblanc
  • Emily Slazer
  • Michael Spara
  • Josh Toups


The Writers:

  • Khiry Armstead
  • Jon Broder
  • Mark Laforet
  • Alysha Rooks

You Don't Know the Band:

  • Amanda Bohren
  • Andre Bohren
  • Sam Craft
  • Alexis Marceaux
  • Stephen MacDonald
  • Marc Paradis
  • Skyler Stroup