You Don't Know the Half of It April 2, 2017


Here’s how it works: Four brand new scripts are commissioned and then split into halves. One half goes to one actor and the other half to another. The actors never see the whole scene. Then on the night of the show, each actor is paired with an improviser. The only rules of the game are 1) the actor always has the first line, and 2) the actor must remain loyal to the script no matter what the improviser conjures up. Every show features all local writers, actors and improvisers, from organizations all over the city.

What happens next, just don't know the half of it!

Show time is at 7:30 PM.


The Writers: James Bartelle, Alicia Hawkes, Helen Jaksch, Mark Routhier

The Actors: AJ Allegra, Joy Lynn Andersen, Robert DoQui, Mallory Messina

The Improvisers: Chris Kamenstein, David James Hamilton, Lynae Leblanc, Josh Toups

You Don't Know the Band: Andre Bohren, Michael Girardot, Alexis Marceaux, Stephen MacDonald, Marc Paradis & Amanda Wuerstlin